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Services & Tools to Move You Forward


Each business needs something different to move them forward. For some, it is simply an experienced professional to run ideas by and get feedback. Other businesses need high-value, cost-effective solutions. I meet you where you are and provide what you need.

  • Branding & Marketing

    • Brand Development: One-on-one discussions and guided exercises to develop the brand (mission, vision, tagline, colors, personas, etc.) Together we  identify ways to strengthen your message and move you closer to your vision.


    • Visual Brand Consistency: Custom graphic design elements, brand guides, business document templates, newsletter templates, social media banners, letterhead, envelopes, marketing collateral, and more.


    • Brand Integration: Customer journey mapping and help integrating your brand throughout the internal and external processes of your business.
  • Public Sector Marketing

    • Public Sector Contracting Introduction: Learn about public procurement basics, CCNA & technical certifications, SBE, M/WBE, DBE certifications & participation goals, vendor registrations, and more.


    • Solicitation Basics: Better understand capital improvement/work programs, cone of silence & pre-submittal procedures, solicitation posting sites and other resources.


    • Researching Contracts: Help and training regarding researching past contracts awarded, your competitors, public records requests, subconsultant opportunities, and upcoming contracts.


    • RFQ/RFP Preparation Assistance: Graphic design, technical writing and guidance on creating Statement of Qualification, LOI, SF330 and other forms, infographics, resume templates, package design, presentations, etc.
  • Websites & Workflows

    • Website or App UI/UX Design: Design services focused around creating an engaging interface and experience that targets the specific needs of your customers as well as internal team.


    • Workflow Design: Customized database design or software implementation to digitally transform your workflows for ease and efficiency.
  • Grants & Pitch Decks

    • Grant Proposal Review: Content editing for consistency of thought, redundancies, and responsiveness to grant criteria. Also includes administrative review to make sure your submission meets the grant requirements (margins, font-size, forms, etc.)


    • Pitch Deck & Grant Proposal Graphics: Graphic design and photography services to increase the professionalism of your pitch decks or grant proposals.


  • Resources

    • Resources Available to New Businesses: Save time and money by learning about the many resources available to new companies as well as cost-saving tips.

Start-to-Finish Solutions

Projects often seamlessly blend a number of available services and are built around solving a specific challenge. These projects start with a deep understanding of your business and end with a highly-customized solution that meets your specific needs.









A Seamless Mix of Services

Learn more about the process and how a wide array of services can seamlessly fit together.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Launching a Podcast

Sara had almost all the pieces: a great idea, the podcast equipment, and amazing episodes already recorded. The missing piece? A website that integrated everything and allowed for subscribers. Within a week of working together, she launched her podcast.

Leveraging a Small, Minority Engineering Firm

Organizing a small, minority-owned engineering firm’s information to take on national competitors… and winning…